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Habitood user guide.

Habitood is a premium mobile application which is based on the Behavior Based Safety methodology. The status quo of Behavior Based Safety is to record safety pinpoints (missed or performed) by hand with pen and paper. Behavior Based Safety Organizations spend countless hours every day, every week, every month of every year recording safety data by hand, aggregating safety data by hand, entering data into spreadsheets by hand, calculating percentages and safety pinpoint records by hand, and using the results to create feedback charts by hand. This grueling process is then repeated every week! Behavior Based Safety is a tried and true process for helping teams build safer operating habits. However, to perform the Behavior Based Safety methodology appropriately required a large investment of time from valued leaders… Until now.

Habitood is the answer to this problem.

How does it work?

An organization’s data will be saved to our cloud database system for real-time access. We have partnered with Google to ensure our data is highly secure and highly available for whenever our clients need access to their data.

First, an organization must setup a Habitood account and appoint a “Habitood Owner” who will liaise with the Habitood sales team.

Once an account has been created, users will either be given an account and default password, or they will create an account and add themselves to the organization with a provided key.

When the account is created and configuration is complete, your organization can reclaim the hours upon hours team leaders used to calculate safety records. Never again will your associates carry pen and paper to record safety pinpoint records. They’ll record them from their mobile device in seconds. Your team leaders will never again be responsible for entering the recorded data into the computer. They will simply open the app and pull up a chart in seconds to review safety progress. Never again will you need to concern yourself with storing historical safety data. Your data will be automatically saved, backed up, and kept in the secure Habitood cloud as an archive for whenever you need to review your safety records.

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