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Behavior Measurement Simplified

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Behavior Measurement Simplified

Any company that is tracking behaviors of their employees can now use this app. Using the concept of group tracking through “Core Teams”, your “core team” can now track together 3 behaviors to work towards 100% of the behavior pinpoint.

What is a "Core Team"?

Any work group that works together in a similar role or workplace that can track similar task oriented behaviors. This workgroup or Core Team can then work together to track behaviors to reach habit strength.

Habit Strength

So often it is talked about, in all reality habit strength is doing a behavior at 100% efficiency for 21 straight days. If your group does this… we should celebrate they have achieved a new habit.

Why is measurement so often resisted?

In the past employees often resist the use of measurement due to the fact that either the measurement aspect of the process is punishing to the employee or the process itself will in turn punish the employee. Habitood solves both of those issues with a simple home screen that allows for behavior tracking in seconds.

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