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a swipe can change 

a SWIPE can change


Habitood allows for an organization to track and measure targeted behaviors with a swipe of the finger on any Android or iOS device. All data recorded by users in your environment is reported anonymously. This reinforces the idea that data recorded with integrity is the ideal, sought after data in your organization. Data is recorded in real-time. It’s instantly available in the cloud, and it’s heavily secured. In short: Habitood allows users to record behavioral data anonymously – with confidence. 

Click below to find out how one university has used Habitood to promote preventative Covid-19 habits.

Interested in Habitood?

We would love to learn about your issues in the behavior based safety process especially the data collection. With that we can help build a Habitood database specifically to your needs. You can reach us directly at [email protected] or if you prefer leave your information and we will reach out to you directly. 


What is habitood

Habitood is the only mobile application specifically designed for tracking and measuring targeted pinpoint behaviors. For example: You have a new initiative within your organization. It’s meant to span the whole of the organization. Do you have a means to track its effectiveness? Do you have a means to simply reinforce your organizational members? Using Habitood, you CAN observe user compliance within a given initiative. Using Habitood, you CAN send push notifications to users within your organization encouraging and reminding them to record their tracking data when opportunities arrive*. Habitood is simple enough to work with a small group of individuals tracking targeted behaviors, but it also has the ability to power large scale operations seeking out massive datasets for computational analysis.

* Push Notifications are in development and are targeted to be available by December 2020


“Recording and viewing data is done simply; with the click of a button.”



“Recording and viewing data is done simply; with the click of a button.”

Behavior-based programs are successful because they are based on direct observations of people doing their jobs or performing the desired behavior. . “We don’t have to know what people are thinking or understand their beliefs and attitudes. While beliefs and attitudes are surely important, we don’t have direct access to them, so we can never truly understand what others think or believe. However, we can see what people do—the actions they take to ensure they perform the task safely or the at-risk actions that increase their likelihood of being injured.”


A behavior-based  process works by observing defined, observable behaviors and:

  1. providing direct immediate feedback to increase the consistency of safe practices;or desired performance
  2.  systematically analyzing observation data across the site or department to pinpoint improvement opportunities and determine the obstacles getting in the way of people doing their jobs safely or performing the desired behaviors. 


Recording behavioral tracking data using the archaic platform of pen and paper is obsolete and simply inefficient for large  group sampling. Other methodologies, such as spreadsheets and websites are complex, time consuming, and error prone. 

Habitood is cloud based, is widely available, and can scale to any size environment – if you have a smartphone, you have access to Habitood.

how it works…

All organizational data is kept in environments which wall itself away from other organizational data. When you join Habitood, your organization will also be given its own walled away environment.

Using Habitood is an intuitive experience that is as simple as using other applications on your mobile device. However, we want to ensure that every organization feels that they have been given adequate instruction on using Habitood. After establishing an account, a Habitood guru will assist you in configuring your organization and will guide your team through training and setup to ensure you get the most out of Habitood.


Easy Simple Pricing

Yearly Pricing

  • $500 per Administrator account
  • $100/month per 100 frontline tracking accounts.
  • Once an agreement is made a Habitood will schedule a call with your representatives to develop your database and walk your team through the entire process.